Advantages of Travertine Tiles for Your Home

19 January 2021
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Natural stone tiles bring gorgeous colours and textures into a home when spread across the floors and walls. However, the multiple varieties, such as marble, granite, slate, and travertine, make it complicated to decide which to install. To help you choose, consider the following advantages of travertine.


Travertine forms exquisitely beautiful surfaces. It comes in grey, ivory, coral, blue, fawn, and other subtle hues, typically displaying swirls and patterns that interweave the colours. Travertine's patina evokes a luminescent effect, similar to marble. Though, at the same time, travertine's warm hues create a homey feel that stops floors and walls from looking cold.

Various Finish Options 

Another advantage of travertine tiles is that you can finish them in various ways to alter their appearance, allowing you to harmonise them with the environment. For example, polishing the tiles will form a modern aesthetic, while a honed matte surface seems more natural. For added texture, you could pick travertine with a rougher tumbled or brushed finish. Travertine characteristically has a series of pits and troughs on the surface, so that it's covered in small holes. These pores can be filled in to create a smooth tile, though its flaws give a rustic feel to floors and walls.

Assorted Patterns 

You can integrate travertine tiling into your home by combining particular shapes and sizes to form patterns. To show off the stone's beauty with little interruption, lay large rectangular tiles that create a smooth surface. Alternatively, you could combine tiny tiles to create a mosaic. Other possibilities include timeless ashlar and herringbone designs.

Works Inside and Outside 

One way to create a polished, cohesive feel around your property is to repeat similar surfaces in different spaces. Travertine tiles enable you to do this as you can install them both inside and outside, and in different rooms. You could lay them across bathroom walls and floors or in living areas, accessorised with a rug. Outdoors, you can place them around the pool deck or over pathways and patios. As travertine is relatively porous, though, make sure to follow sealing recommendations to protect the flooring.

Thus, travertine tiles offer many advantages. Their subtle beauty will uplift any space, and you can adapt their finish to create different looks to match your home. You can also form a polished, unified design by repeating the tiles in numerous places, in various rooms and in different areas of the backyard.