Do You Have Soakwells Fitted on Your Land?

19 November 2020
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During heavy rain or a storm, there is probably nowhere you would rather be than sitting at home in the dry and warm relaxing in your favourite chair. While you are safe inside your home, you probably don't think too much about the amount of water that is hitting the roof of your property or that is perhaps starting to flow across your land in fast-flowing, newly formed rivers. It is only later when you get to walk across the land once the rain has stopped that you might start to realise the devastating effect that stormwater run-off water can have. If water is left to flow unchecked across your property, then before too long you could have a serious problem with soil erosion which will ultimately leave nothing but bare rock behind it.

How can you prevent soil erosion?

If stormwater run-off is causing soil erosion on your land, then you must find a way of directing that run-off water somewhere that it can not cause any damage. The most effective means of controlling run-off water is to fit soakwells or something similar to collect the water. While the size of your soakwells may vary, the principle upon which they run is always the same. The water reaches the buried water tank via an inlet pipe. Over an extended period, the water in the tank is allowed to enter the ground rather than flowing over the land and washing away the soil. Having soakwells fitted on your property is the best way not only to protect the topsoil but also to prevent other damage that can occur to paving and other features that move as the ground beneath them is washed away.

Installing your soakwells

Fitting soakwells into your property is a job for a professional installer. There are numerous factors that will need to be considered. You must think about where the soakwells will be placed in relation to the foundation of your property, how deep you can place the soakwells, and also how well your soil conducts water. Rather than making any guesses that could cause you serious problems within a few years, it is best to speak to a professional installer and get them to undertake the job. The majority of local authorities insist that you deal with your storm run-off water appropriately, and the experience of the installation company will ensure that you can do that effectively.