Reasons Why Interlocking Concrete Pavers Are Perfect for Carparks

24 July 2020
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The main job of car parks is to carry the weight of vehicles. Thus, when considering various options, you'll need to select a particularly durable surface. For this reason alone, interlocking concrete pavers make a great choice. But they also offer plenty of additional benefits. Read on to discover what these are.

Resistant to Cracking

Solid slabs of concrete or asphalt can tend to crack over time as the ground underneath shifts slightly. However, pavers won't suffer the same fate. The individual pavers within their bed of joint sand can shift and adapt to the earth's movements. Thus, the surface as a whole can flex. This means they're unlikely to crack like a hard, unyielding slab of solid concrete or asphalt might.

Heavy Duty

When interlocking concrete pavers combine to create surfaces, they form a particularly strong cover. If a person walks across the pavement or a vehicle drives across it, the weight is widely dispersed across the pavers in the general vicinity. The load doesn't just rest on the particular pavers underneath. This dispersal of pressure across a wide surface area means that the interlocking pavers are able to withstand enormous loads.

Easy to Repair

An advantage of pavers is that you can replace individual ones should they sustain damage. In addition, in some cases, you might need access to plumbing or wiring in the ground underneath. Pavers can be removed and replaced, which makes them ideal for this situation. In contrast, other materials would need to be ripped up and ruined in such a situation.

Design Options

You don't need to sacrifice beauty when creating a stable and practical surface using interlocking car park pavers. They're available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. Contractors could configure an ashlar design using different sized square and oblong pavers, or a classic diagonal herringbone pattern. The pavers can be coloured grey, sand, terracotta, or other shades to match virtually any environment. With the combinations of contour, hue and layout-patterns, the looks you can create are endless.

Straightforward Installation

Interlocking paver surfaces using individual units are relatively straightforward to install. Once the subbase is correctly set up, the pavers are laid one by one. You won't need specialised concrete-pouring vehicles. Another benefit is that an interlocking concrete paver surface can be used almost immediately.

Thus, if you're looking for a surface option for a car park that is durable, easy to repair, and visually appealing, consider these kinds of pavers that fulfil various practical and aesthetic demands.