How One Simple Installation Can Save Your Home From Hundreds Of Thousands In Damages

22 February 2019
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Owning a home is a major goal for most Australians, but for many people, once they achieve this goal, they don't always remember to check all the important parts of infrastructure that their new home has. In the same way many people wouldn't know how to check if their homes foundations were properly set, many people cant recognise if their home has another important cornerstone properly installed. This article will dissect exactly why you need to ensure you have a soakwell installed in your property and how it can save you from financial ruin. 

What Is A Soakwell?

A soakwell is a subterranean tank that allows water to soak into the soil at a rate that stops flooding at the surface. If you have cemented areas, rocky ground or simply very hard soil in your yard, then during a heavy bout of rain, this water will not dissipate easily. This can cause miniature flash floods in your yards, or these small floods can come in from surrounding properties. A soakwell allows this water on the impenetrable surface to get through to the much more absorbing soil underneath, thus preventing flooding. Soakwells can also be connected to gutters on your roof to allow this stormwater to not build up near the base of your house. 

How Can A Soakwell Save You Money?

While many people don't consider Australia to be a country that is at risk of floods, due to its harsh climate and hot summers, the arid topsoil means that in many places floods can occur easily because the water simply cannot penetrate the surface quickly enough to dissipate. All it takes is one major thunderstorm to unleash enough water that could cause serious damage to your house, either by coming in through the door and damaging the furniture and carpet or by actually weakening your homes construction. A strategically placed soakwell can save your home from the brunt of this rainfall and therefore thousands of dollars.

Won't It Ruin The Look Of Your Garden?

Soakwells are actually almost always located beneath the ground and, therefore, are almost impossible to spot when looking over the garden. A keen eye could probably spot where the soakwell is located, but this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind the soakwell provides. When put against the value of your entire home a small distraction in the garden, and the upfront cost of soakwell installation, are indeed small prices to pay. Don't wait until its too late and the rains are starting to come down; get a soakwell installed as soon as you can, and have the peace of mind whenever you next see clouds brewing.