Two Reasons to Choose Permeable Paving When Hardscaping

18 July 2018
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Whether you are looking to revamp your walkways or want functional flooring for your driveway, permeable paving is one of the best options that you can consider. This form of exterior flooring is highly resilient while still ensuring that you are not posing the risk of any negative impact on the environment. Moreover, as more and more homeowners are looking for unique ways to give their exterior flooring a distinct character, permeable paving has steadily gained popularity among Australian households. These type of pavers are characterised by having gaps between them, which allows for the growth of greenery. If you are still wondering if these types of pavers will be ideal for your property, here are two reasons why permeable paving will be an excellent choice when hardscaping your property.

Permeable paving keeps your property cool

Other than having to endure the sweltering heat during the summer, one of the worst experiences you can encounter is scorching your feet on hot concrete. Nevertheless, unless you want to keep watering your exterior flooring with a hose, you may have assumed you do not have any other option than to have sandals on continually. Luckily, permeable paving provides you with a solution to this problem. Since these pavers allow water to drain directly through them, they are not as hot as conventional concrete flooring is. Moreover, as moisture is continuously seeping into the ground, you will find that your property has a distinctly cooler temperature during the warmer months.

Permeable paving keeps puddles at bay

When you have conventional concrete flooring outside, you will have to contend with puddling issues from time to time. In some cases, the sewer systems might be overtaxed due to storm seasons, while in other situations the unevenness of your exterior flooring could cause water to pool in some areas. This accumulation of stagnant water does not just increase the chances of skidding injuries, but it can also make your property a hotbed for mozzies. When you switch to permeable paving, you will find that any excess runoff on your property quickly seeps into the ground. In addition to this, the pavers also act somewhat as filtration systems, and this can minimise the number of toxins that make their way into the natural ecosystem on your property. Overall, permeable paving functions to ensure that you no longer have any flooding problems at the exterior of your residence.